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    No one I know likes the idea of having to pay for car insurance, it’s just not one of those purchases that makes you feel like you are getting something worthwhile – it’s almost always a case of instant buyer’s remorse – but it’s also not one of those things that you can do without.  It would be foolish to own a car and drive around in it without adequate cover, it’s not to say you are a bad or dangerous driver, but accidents happen, and when you mix cars and accidents -> you usually end up with serious and sometimes fatal problems, so it’s best to make sure that you have car insurance that covers any potential hazards that may cross your path!  If you’re still shopping for that perfect car, why not search for cars for sale here, then come back and get your car cover from us.

    Car Insurance Quotes in South Africa

    With most things in life, the above reads true – except perhaps for car insurance!  Our task with this site is to try a few car insurance companies and to see which of these offer us the best car insurance quotes and COVER!  There is absolutely no point in having cheap car insurance without adequate cover – imagine that someone drives into you and your car’s a gonner.  You claim from your insurance only to discover that you weren’t adequately covered and they are unable to (or simply won’t) pay out for your claim.

    Or the other scenario is where you have insurance that you cannot use – quite common really!  Set the scene: something pretty minor happens to your car – let’s say you drive through a winter ice storm and your windscreen is hit by a frozen duck (!) and is totally cracked and needs replacing.  You contact your insurance provider only to find that it’s going to cost you a full claim and so therefore you need to pay your excess AND you lose your no claims bonus.  So you just don’t make the claim and you pay for the replacement yourself as it’s not worth paying the excess and losing your potential no claims bonus.  Your insurance is therefore useless (well almost)!   Sound familiar?

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