Hollard Insurance – Dependable and Affordable has never been this easy

Wanting to stand out is one thing, but getting there is something a whole lot different. One car insurer that has mastered this is Hollard Motor Insurance. If you’re South African, there’s no way you don’t remember the long TV commercials Hollard used to run in the afternoons. In fact, they still do. With a long history behind it, it’s no wonder Hollard is the largest privately-owned car insurance company in South Africa.


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    The Hollard Motor Insurance plan has the following three options –

    • Comprehensive Cover – this plan offers you maximum protection against the event of any damage as a result of a car accident, fire or other natural disaster. Comprehensive insurance also includes cover against theft and/or hijacking, and third party insurance.
    • Third Party, Fire and Theft Cover – the purpose of this option is to provide you with adequate insurance, while reducing your monthly insurance premiums. With this option, you are however covered for only damages you cause to a third party, fire and the unfortunate theft or hijacking of your car.
    • Third Party Only Cover – with this insurance cover, your plan extends to only the damage and injuries that your vehicle and driving causes to third parties. This option (as well as the two others) allow you to increase the cover to third parties. As part of your insurance policy, you can increase this amount to R20 million.

    With all three of the plans Hollard Motor Insurance offers, it’s best to know which option is right for you. Ideally, having an idea of what option is best for you precedes your actions to get online insurance quotes with us. The insurance companies, include Hollard, advise that for new or expensive cars, it’s recommended to get Comprehensive car insurance. For used cars, then the other two types of cover should be adequate for you. However, this decision will be entirely up to you given your budget for insurance.

    A policy with Hollard Car Insurance South Africa comes with other benefits as well. These include favourable terms should you want to take out other insurances with the company. Also, as standard with most insurance policies these days, Hollards offers 24/7 roadside assistance anywhere in South Africa, a funeral cover of up to R15,000 should you die because of a road accident, and an optional motor vehicle hire plan.

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