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There are more cellphones in South Africa than there are people. And while our voice and data rates might be among the highest in the world, we just can’t get enough of making calls and being on the internet. One car insurance service provider, Hippo Insurance, has been riding the wave ever since. You’ve probably heard the commercials with call now for Hippo car insurance quotes over and over again. Indeed, this might be a bit too much, but it’s one of those moves you won’t ever regret. Why you might ask? It’s simple, Hippo is a motor vehicle insurance aggregator, which works with various insurers in South Africa to get you the best deals on car insurance in South Africa.


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    From a database of many hundreds of existing profiles, the Hippo assesses your risk profile in a matter of seconds and gives you the qualified car insurance quotes. What the Hippo needs from you is basically the same as here on BestCarInsuranceQuotes.

    Besides the usual name and contact details, to assess your risk profile, and produce for you real-time, cost-saving quotes, you should provide information about the area that you live in. The better secured the place is, the more savings you will get. But of course, you are not the one who decides if your residential address is secure or not. Hippo Insurance and the research by many of us in the vehicle insurance industry ranks the safest and least safe neighbourhoods in South Africa. This way, we can make a credible assessment of what risks are posed to your motor vehicle. The second factor that affects the premiums of your car insurance are your driving abilities. Sure you might be skilled in the art of driving your F1 race car on PlayStation, but that’s a different experience to real life. South Africa’s roads are some of the worse in the developing world, thus, car insurance companies give preference to drivers who are aware of these challenges and can drive well. And experience comes with how long you’ve been driving. Hippo Insurance analyses the tenure of your driving experience, and the longer you’ve held your drivers license, the better your chances of getting cheap car insurance quotes. Other factors that determine the result include your age, marital status, and the of course, the car you drive.

    With an average R329 saved each month by clients, this service (who clients include all our partners at BestCarInsuranceQuotes), is the best out the for quick and reliable quotes on your car insurance.

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