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MiWay’s standard insurance is as simple as ABC. A for affordability, B for best, and C cost-effective. Affordable car insurance in South Africa that’s great for your pocket. The next step for you would be to get a sticker with the words “MyWay Insurance”, that after getting a quote of course. But what really is MiWay Insurance, and what do they offer? Is MiWay better than other cars insurance companies, or is it worse?


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    When you get MiWay Insurance quotes, what you’re getting is a very competitive deal on what you should expect to pay on your motor vehicle insurance. The insurance quotes are not set in stone, and in reality, you are more likely to pay less on your monthly premiums than the original quote. This is because at this stage your risk profile is 101% certain. And given that MiWay has a couple of different car insurance, some that you might know that you need before planning to buy insurance, can change the size of what you have to pay. But the gist of it is simple: get MiWay Insurance Quotes, South Africa’s most progressive car insurer, and you would have done yourself a great favour by doing this. There is no paperwork when you get a quote online; it’s just you and your computer or mobile device, and a sales agent on the other side waiting to contact you once you’re certain about what you want, and the most important part – getting more information about the products and services offered by the insurance company.

    These products and services are usually extended offerings like roadside assist that come with every insurance policy. Specifically with MiWay, these are called MiRewards, and are offered to policyholders of all three of MiWay’s insurance covers. These three types are fully comprehensive insurance cover, insurance against the theft, or loss of your vehicle, and third party injuries, while the third and last typical cover type is a policy under which you are only insured on the occasion that you should damage the property or physical person of a third party. In the last option, you are not covered if your car is damaged because of fire and/or other natural disasters, or hijacking and disappearance.

    • Roadside assist
    • Earn rewards whether you claim or not
    • Fix your premiums for a period of 36 months!

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