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Budget Car Insurance Companies today need to offer value to their customers – it’s a really competitive industry where customers are offered all sorts of reward schemes for not claiming  – and really all we want it to be offered the best possible premium based on our past habits.  Sure, some people are unfortunate and often find themselves in situations that are often disastrous – and other more cautious people would have taken care to not be in such a situation – a situation that results in you needing to make a claim on your insurance – also known as an accident!

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    If you are just a little reckless, and you throw caution to the wind, then the next time someone causes an accident and you are involved, you might like to consider just how that could have been avoided.  It’s not all that hard to be responsible, but the younger you are, the less experienced you are and the more often you are likely to throw caution to the wind and push the boundaries that much further.  I’m talking about bad driving habits; going around the corner too fast; speeding; being a little reckless when your friends are in the car.  All of these things are typical of younger drivers and mostly younger male drivers!

    I recall reading somewhere about an analogy made of young twenty something males who grow up in areas with a high prevalence of gang activity and are drawn into trouble as a result.  Someone commented: The best things that can happen to a young male is turning 30 – yes it’s true, something happens to a man when he hits this age, he calms down and starts to act more responsibly – could be less testosterone or maybe awareness of others and the negative effects that his irresponsible behaviour has on others.  Well, it’s just the same with driving a car.  The older we get, the more aware we become of our actions and we don’t find the need to test ourselves quite so much anymore.  Whilst I’m not labelling all young men irresponsible gangsters, it’s true that older men are less prone to being involved in reckless driving incidents.

    It’s for this same reason the car insurance companies give far better monthly premiums to older drivers, and it’s why female drivers get even better insurance premium reductions.

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