AA Car Insurance Quote in South Africa

The AA is one of the oldest and most trusted automotive assistance companies in South Africa.  They have extended their offering by providing car insurance quotes and they also offer something quite unique – AA car insurance cover for those travelling outside of South Africa, either on holiday or visiting family in neighbouring countries.  This is what makes AA insurance different and is a real bonus for people planning a trip outside of our borders but still need South African car insurance cover. Quite soon, we will be able to offer you an AA insurance quote. Not only does the AA offer car insurance, but they have expanded their product offering to cover:

  • AA Car Insurance South Africa
  • AA Home Insurance
  • AA Building Insurance
  • AA Business Insurance
  • Value Added products include: Scratch and Dent insurance; Funeral Cover; Personal Accident Cover in case of death or disablement.

All this from the AA – so much more than just roadside assistance!

AA Insurance Contact Detail

Telephone number is:0860 34 63 61


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    Car insurance is a relatively new product for the AA in South Africa if you consider that they have been offering services such as:

    A Route Planner – a whole collection of services and free offerings to members: paper maps, online Tom Tom guides, road conditions, information about toll routes and the all important distance calculator that allows you to work out how far it is to your next petrol station and toilet break.

    Operating Costs of running a car – the standard that all South African companies use to evaluate the true cost of car ownership.  This goes beyond the petrol cost and includes tyres, wear and tear, servicing, car insurance (based on their own AA Car Insurance calculations), licence fees and the total operating cost of the vehicle per kilometer.

    International Driving Permits – this permit allows South Africans to drive while abroad.  It translates your driving licence details into 5 official United Nations languages so that you can rent and drive a car in a foreign country.  It is however not a replacement for a South African drivers licence.

    Roadside Assistance – probably what the AA is best know for and their flagship product. They have 4 basic tiers to the level of assistance you need: AA Action, for under 25 year olds has 2 call outs per year. AA Alliance, for members over 60 and has 3 call outs per year. AA Advantage that allows up to 5 call out per year and finally, AA Advantage Plus that also allows 5 call outs and in adition, they will tow your car for you and offer roadside security.

    Of course, the AA offers a whole host of value added service with there monthly membership – see their website here for a full breakdown.  The AA website site is jam packed with useful information that any motorist will no doubt need once in a while.

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