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If you’re looking for a car insurance company that prioritizes integrity, respect for clients, pushing boundaries, and accountable to all its stakeholders, then Mutual and Federal Insurance is that car insurer. With a history dating back to the year 1831, it’s had ample time to build on the trust of its people – be it employees or its clients – you and me: the car insurance buyers. M&F Car Insurance South Africa is a pioneer of the short-term insurance industry in our country.


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    Mutual and Federal Insurance is a broker network that is part of Old Mutual Insurance group. Many millions of South Africans and people in other countries, are served by exceptional teams of insurance brokers, who take care to give you the best possible car insurance solutions. Just like our online car insurance quotes system – which compares quotes for you – Mutual & Federal’s people put together insurance policies that either form part of their products, or as part of other competing car insurance companies.

    The company’s own flagship products include the Allshare, and Surewise solutions, and iWyze Insurance, which is an exclusive partnership with its parent company, Old Mutual. Different people have different needs, this goes for your car insurance as well. And each of these products is suited for different buyers. For affordability, iWyze is possibly the best of the three. However, there’s another issue you need to take in consideration before you commit to an insurance product. And again it brings to what we mentioned about different needs for different people.

    Within each Mutual and Fedral’s insurance options are Comprehensive cover, Third Party, Theft, and Fire cover, and finally, Third Party only cover. After reading through many of our profiles of the various car insurers in South Africa, by now you should be aware of these three main types of insurance policies.

    • Comprehensive car insurance protects you with a payout should you damage your own vehicle, when you damage the vehicle or property of another person, and if your vehicle is lost/hijacked, or caught in a fire.
    • Third Party, Fire, Theft/Hijacking insurance covers you for only those three incidences.
    • The third option is insurance for third parties only. This insurance type pays out when you cause damage to another person’s car or other property, and/or cause injury to that person’s physical body. With respect to the cars, third party only insurance is quite common among owners of used cars. This is the cheap car insurance option.

    Mutual and Federal Insurance has fantastic additional benefits that come with each policy. These include car hire, roadside and medical assistance, home insurance (at possibly reduced premiums since you’d also take up car insurance with them), and travel insurance, just to name a few.

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