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South Africa’s largest short-term insurer. A multiple-award winning insurance broker network. A member of South Africa’s largest domestic insurance company. Those are just some of the many titles that Santam Vehicle Insurance holds. This car insurance company owes its success to the integrity of its people, and a determination to provide an superior service.


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    Santam Vehicle Insurance is the main business that makes up the enlarged insurance company. What makes it so large is its network of highly capable insurance brokers. This network is the backbone of Santam’s car insurance business in South Africa. Like other car insurance companies, Santam uses aggregator methods to bring you compatible car insurance quotes.

    Santam seeks to take care of its clients’ needs, and making sure you’re fully insured. That is why Santam Vehicle Insurance comprises of three main insurance types –

    • Comprehensive Car Insurance – where your insurance policy comes to your aid if you are involved in a car accident, and that vehicle is damaged, or you cause damage to another vehicle or a person. Comprehensive car insurance extends to include cover against theft or hijacking, and fire.
    • Third Party, and Theft Car Insurance – this insurance option is suitable for when you assess that your policy need only cover you against the event that you cause damage to the property or person of a third party. It also includes theft/hijacking, and fire insurance, but excludes any payout to recovering or fixing your own vehicle.
    • Third Party/Liability Car Insurance – the third option is available if you want to be covered for any liability you would incur as a result of you causing harm to another person while driving. This may be bodily injury or damage to the property of that person. With this option (as well as with the other two), you can increase your liability payment to up to R5-million.

    With any of these three insurance options, Santam have added benefits that will definitely come in handy for you. These include the following –

    • Home Driver Assist – this is when you need a designated driver to drive you home or whatever destination. The merits of this are that if you’re unable to drive, you can have someone reliable to take you back home for example. This option can be used for up to six times a year.
    • Santam Multi-Bonus – this is a bonus where 20% of your premiums are paid back to you after two consecutive claim-free years.
    • As the name suggests, Santam Vehicle Insurance includes all types of vehicles. So, whether you drive a compact car, a bakkie or 4X4, or even a bike, you can get a quotes from Santam.

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