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Old Mutual Insurance is one of the leading short-term insurance providers in South Africa. Old Mutual focuses a lot on car insurance, thus it makes sense for you as an insurance buyer to consider them when you get car insurance quotes.


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    Old Mutual’s car insurance in South Africa and other short-term insurance businesses are but a small piece of the Old Mutual pie. The group, which spans many financial services, big and small, is now South Africa’s second largest insurance company behind Sanlam. Both are based in Cape Town, along with many others in the industry. With an exceptionally long history behind it, Old Mutual’s products are a great choice for your car insurance needs. But what exactly are these products, and what sets them apart from those offered by other car insurance companies.

    For car insurance buyers, Old Mutual has Comprehensive cover, insurance against fire, theft/hijacking and third party insurance, and finally cover for only third parties. These three different options are standard in the car insurance industry, and within Old Mutual’s businesses as well, like Old Mutual iWyze and Mutual & Federal insurance.

    You might or might not have an existing Old Mutual policy of some sort, but whichever way you look at it, getting insured by Old Mutual will be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. If it’s for car insurance, that’s even better because you get competitive monthly car insurance premiums.

    Old Mutual Insurance has value added benefits that cover your other assets, and not just your car. Your home contents are just as important thus, by adding a small amount to your premiums, you can get the full benefit of a no-claims bonus, a no-excess waiver, and reduced rates for your other short-term insurance policies from Old Mutual.

    Often, after you’ve taken your policy, there might be that month when you can’t meet your obligation to pay your premiums on time. This is an awful experience and can leave you uninsured for that duration for which the amount is outstanding. To help you out, Old Mutual guarantees you a 15 day grace period so that you can make the overdue payment. This period helps you avoid your car insurance policy being cancelled, and also gives you more time to get your accounts in order.

    Because Old Mutual is a big company, it can afford to give you benefits even when you’re outside South Africa. Old Mutual Insurance is available for your in SADC countries, so that you can travel with a peace of mind that you are insured. Your claims will be processed, don’t worry.

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