ABSA Car Insurance Quotes for South Africans

ABSA car insurance is motor vehicle insurance made easy. What’s meant by this is simple: when you take up a policy from ABSA iDirect, you get the benefit of ABSA’s other financial services at your disposal. You are free to approve or disapprove this, but the integration of your banking and car insurance provider into one entity is one of the biggest selling points that has made ABSA one of the most successful providers of car insurance South Africa has.


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    The short-term insurance business is a tough one, and although ABSA has been involved in it for many years, it’s only now that it’s branded its services as the go to short-term insurance services. The provision of car insurance is all about the extra benefits that the individual car insurance companies sell supplementary to the main insurance policies. ABSA’s car insurance programmes are no different. As mentioned above, what makes ABSA different from the rest is its extension of banking services to its motor vehicle insurance policyholders. However, like most good insurance brokers, the company offers incredible benefits when you consider ABSA car insurance quotes. These are listed below –

    • 10% to 20% back on your premiums after 5 years of now claiming on your policy.
    • 24-hour assistance – roadside breakdowns, medical, and at your home
    • Car hire when your vehicle is in service or you’re out of town, or whatever meaningful reason you’d want to hire a car for.
    • Affordable car insurance premiums

    Depending on what you require, ABSA car insurance quotes are one of three policy types – (1) comprehensive car insurance, (2) third party, fire, and theft, or (3) third party only insurance.

    With comprehensive insurance, you get the full benefit of being covered by ABSA, where on the event that your car gets damaged in an accident, you can claim. Claiming also extends to any third parties involved in the accident. You can also claim if your car is damaged because of a fire or other natural disasters, or if it it stolen. The other two insurance types are different in the sense that your are either covered for theft/hijacking and fire (option 2), or you are not covered for those elements (option 3). However, with all three types of insurance, you are insured against damage to third parties. This damage may be physical or cause harm to the person or property of a third party.

    ABSA Car Insurance offers up to R20-million for extended third party cover. Increasing this amount would obvious increase your premiums, so be aware of any differences that may arise between your ABSA car insurance quotes and the premiums you would eventually pay.

    ABSA Car Insurance Contact Details

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