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This website is about the best car insurance South Africa has to offer!

South Africa has one of the most vibrant and modern car insurance industries, and one of the technologies that has allowed us to be at the forefront is the internet. You’re reading about car insurance in South Africa because of this technological phenomenon that has made access to information more readily available, and give you the benefit of getting various car insurance quotes in just a few minutes.

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    Think about it, to get car insurance in South Africa, in fact, everywhere else in the world, you had to go to different brokers and get a quote. Many South Africans still do that, but the logistics of doing so are time consuming. is one of the easiest and best – hence our name – car insurance aggregations on the internet. In just three steps you can get up to 12 quotes for your car insurance premiums!

    This website doubles as an information resource for you to not only get a car insurance quote, but learn about the various car insurance companies and the kinds of policies and benefits they offer.

    Take something like King Price Insurance for example: did you know that they’re the leading provider of car insurance products whose premiums decrease every month? That sort of information is vital in making your decision to accept or not accept one or any of the quotes we provide you with.

    Besides whether your premiums are fixed or move up and down from month-to-month or year-to-year, there are other factors worth considering too. Some insurers like Santam Vehicle Insurance still make use of an extensive broker network, while others like MiWay Car Insurance don’t.

    One of the other unique things about South Africa is that if you buy your car, especially a used car, via a bank, you have to take out comprehensive car insurance. That’s the type of policy that will cover you for when your car is damaged and when you damage someone else’s car. Furthermore, you get covered for natural disasters. This is different from other countries where you can drive without insurance – something we don’t suggest you do.

    We aim to be the best car insurance quotes website by keeping you updated on everything that has to do with car insurance in South Africa, so that you can save on your premiums, get adequate cover, and feel great that you made the decision to get covered.

    Car insurance companies are prone to many complaints, some of which are valid and others, not so. Nevertheless, our experience is that you should take any issue up with your insurer or the Short-Term Insurance Ombusdsman whose website is below.