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Buying car insurance used to be a tedious task until the internet came about. Nowadays, you have BestCarInsuranceQuotes and other sites to make this formerly time consuming task very easy. One of the best car insurance in South Africa to come out of the internet age is MiWay Car Insurance (read: MyWay Car Insurance because that’s how you say it).


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    With three easy steps, BestCarInsuranceQuotes can get you different quotes from South Africa’s varying car insurance companies. MiWay stands out from the rest because of its cheap insurance quotes and of course, its bright pink colours. It’s flamboyant, but don’t take it likely, because they mean business. With some of South Africa’s lowest car insurance premiums, MiWay offers its policy holders more than the average car insurer. One of the things that make it different is its MiRewards programme which pays out your benefits even if you claim. That’s right, you can claim on your policy and still get things like cash back.

    A recent ground breaking service is the WeDrive service, which is MyWay’s way of offering its clients an alternative driving solution when they’ve had a little bit too much to drink. Think about it, you’re coming from a staff party and you’re in no condition to be driving, WeDrive allows you to call someone up (as part of your policy) and he or she can get you home safely.

    Need a rental car while you’re out of town for business? MiWay has a solution for you. With great car rental rates in partnership with South Africa’s most trusted car rental services, MiWay lets you worry about your meetings, while they worry about getting you to those meetings – safely and on time.

    The above are just two of the many examples that have made MiWay Car Insurance such a great success story. Their products are reliable for when you’re in a ditch, after all, it’s always better to have car insurance than not to have it. There’s a host of affordable car insurance quotes that we bring you, and your best bet at finding the best is to compare.

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