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1st For Women Insurance Company is a the go to car insurer for women. All women deserve a little extra, and that’s what 1st For Women’s car insurance offerings have. Because women’s driving habits are not the same as men’s, their insurance needs are different, so are their risk profiles. Their all-inclusive comprehensive insurance is geared at covering you when your vehicle is stolen or if it has been broken in. Third party cover can be increased to about R20 million depending on your profile. Should there be any third parties involved, you can claim against that as well. In the event of an accident, the comprehensive car insurance goes further and assists with medical costs of up to R500. And if your car is financed by the bank, you are greatly encouraged to take out comprehensive car insurance.

With their Cash-Back Plus plan, you get cash back if you do not claim for at least four years, but what’s the catch you might ask? 1st For Women car insurance offers a redemption of all your first year’s premiums or a quarter, yes, 25% of all your premiums for the past claim-free years. If you’re on the look out for the best car insurance for women, then 1st For Women Car Insurance South Africa is the right option for you.

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