Quotes from the Cheapest 4×4 Insurance Specialists in South Africa

Off-roading has been one of South Africans’ favourite pastimes. Besides making frequent stops to enjoy the scenery of the vast outdoors, a break or two enjoying a braai is one of the things that complete a trip. How then, could you be best covered in the event that your coal starts a fire on your boot or some other weird event? That’s very unlikely, but not impossible. What’s more probable however, is your need for roadside assistance, and that’s where 4×4 insurance specialists come in.


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    We have a host of affordable products available from some of the cheapest 4×4 insurance specialists in South Africa, that’s field or pickup comprehensive insurance in some other parts of the world. But what exactly is this specialist insurance, and how does it differ from other types of cover? Does it differ at all?

    As the name suggests, 4×4 insurance is for just that, 4x4s. While travelling in South Africa’s large landscapes, or on a safari outside the country, you get exposed to many things that could affect you and your 4×4 in a negative way. That’s why a car insurance company like Budget, has 4×4 insurance specialists to take care of your needs. Budget of course, isn’t the only one, and other car insurers offer similar products. In general, these have the following as standard services.

    • Cover for accessories in the car, this might or might not include the 4X4’s sound system.
    • Cover for your 4×4 while driving in other SADC countries like Zimbabwe, Botswana or Lesotho.
    • Installation of a tracking device which will help car recover when it is stolen.
    • Third party liability cover
    • Cover against hijacking, fire and other damage

    Some of the options available from the various car insurers on Best Car Insurance Quotes include Dial Direct Insurance, which offers third party liability cover to as much as R20 million, with the option to get cover for additional items like your spare wheel, 4×4 canopy, sound system, and hiring another 4×4. And as mentioned, these come standard with most car insurers, so being the cheapest 4×4 specialist in South Africa is what sets each individual one apart from the rest. Also, insuring one’s car keys is another popular option. And if you think that won’t ever happen to you, just remember that 1 in every 5 drivers loses their keys at least once in their driving career, so you best be insured.

    Why wait when we can get you quotes from some of the cheapest 4×4 insurance specialists in South Africa?! One, like First For Women Insurance, has structured its off-road products with women in mind. Increasingly, women are driving 4×4 and SUVs just like their male counterparts, so there’s definitely room to offer them the same great service that men would be catered to.

    The important thing to consider here is price, and which offer beats the rest and of course what is covered. There’s no point in being underinsured, especially when your holiday could be so nice, only to find trouble when you come back home. A good 4×4 insurance specialist is what you should have by your side.