Cheap Car Insurance in South Africa

When you consider cheap car insurance, there are a couple of questions you need to ask yourself. And the most obvious one is whether or not the car insurance quotes you are receiving are genuinely the best for your needs, because the cheapest car insurance may not necessarily be the best.


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    Cheap car insurance in South Africa is possible because of a couple of things. And these things are the same that answer your very important questions before committing to a certain car insurance company.

    Does the Insurer Use A Broker Network?

    The insurance business model has remained pretty much unchanged for a very long time. And although there are pioneering firms like Budget Insurance, others have remained pretty much the same – using the broker network model. And whether or not an insurer uses a middleman can affect the eventual car insurance quotes you receive compared to others who don’t use this model.

    Does the Insurer Assess Me Accordingly?

    This question is a bit tricky simply because you might think you deserve to be paying cheaper car insurance premiums when in fact you’re paying just the right amount. This is the kind of question that usually vilifies car insurance companies. We at advise that you do your research to get a feel of how much people of your demographics (age, occupation, gender, locality, etc) are paying for car insurance. And basically, the insurance quotes our website generates for you, give you that picture. In reality, your eventual premiums (when you do take out a policy) might be cheaper.

    Competition Makes for Cheap Car Insurance.

    Two phenomenon have made it possible for cheap car insurance in South Africa. The first is the increased number of vehicle insurance providers. From banks to independent brokers, this has helped increase competition. And as we know, the more competing these firms are, the lower and lower car insurance has become. Another important fact is the swift penetration of the internet. You’re here today reading our advice and getting the best car insurance quotes because of the internet. It’s made the process of buying insurance easier and more transparent.

    Cheap Car Insurance Quotes in South Africa

    When you consider all the other benefits that you are opened to as a policyholder, you begin to realize that in fact, you got a great deal on your car insurance. Think about it – where it not for your car insurance policy, getting roadside assistance when your tyre punctures or your car breaks down would be a long hassle. You would have to contact different service providers, many whose credibility you do not know. That would cost you time and money. Your insurer now takes care of that at no extra cost to you. Also, your already cheap car insurance premiums are either returned to you if you do not claim for a certain time, or they decrease every year with King Price Insurance for example. And with some insurers you can even negotiate a discount if you’re insuring two of your cars with them.